Social work

Social work provides a range of intervention and support services directed toward supporting the child, youth and family with the impact of disability.

Social Workers at KidsInclusive are licensed practitioners under the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

KidsInclusive is committed to continued education for therapists to ensure they provide quality, up to date services to children and their families.
At KidsInclusive, the social worker will work with you and with team members to learn about your child and your family and how we can help to support the family and child’s needs. Social work can provide

  • Supportive counselling for family members to deal with the adjustment issues and stresses of a new diagnosis of your child, or a chronic condition.
  • Support to deal with the ongoing challenges and stresses of caring for a child with physical and/or developmental disabilities.
  • Help with understanding and completing government assistance forms and other applications.
  • Information about and referrals to various community resources and services.
  • Strategies for managing stress and lifestyle changes.
  • Individual, team and workshop support to develop and enhance parents’ skills in advocacy, parenting, and building community for your child.


A detailed assessment of your family information, current supports and resources, strengths, and current concerns/questions will be completed. This information helps us understand your child and family better so we can assess how we may be able to best support you.


In response to our assessment and in discussion with you, a social work service plan will be developed. Services outlined above will be tailored to your family’s specific needs and shared team goals.

As part of a team approach we assist to ensure a shared understanding of your child and family’s needs and a larger team service plan that meets those needs and goals. We aspire to ensure a coordinated plan with your community services as well to insure an integrated approach to support and service.