Developmental pediatrics is the branch of medicine concerned with providing highly specialized health care to children of all ages and developmental levels with respect to their development and psychosocial well being.

The specialty aims to foster understanding and promotion of optimal development of children (infants, children and youth) and their families (including other caregivers) through clinical care, education, research and advocacy. The specialty focuses on developmental trajectories of children with congenital or acquired disorders and/or individual variations in physical, motor, cognitive, sensory and social-emotional development. This discipline also encompasses children’s behavioural responses to those challenges.

Its overall goal is to promote and maintain the developmental and emotional well being of all children and their families, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Developmental Pediatricians at the Child Development Centre offer consultation, assessment and diagnostic services and they advocate for the provision of medical services as needed. Our medical specialists DO NOT provide primary care. Instead, they work closely with your Family Physician or General Pediatrician. Developmental Pediatricians do provide some treatment for conditions related to developmental disorders, e.g. gastroesophageal (“acid”) reflux, spasticity (“stiffness” in the muscles), some sleep related issues, and some types of “behavioural” issues.

Physicians from a number of subspecialties (i.e. neurology, orthopedics, physiatry, respirology, endocrinology and neurology) provide a subspecialty medical consultation (through the Children’s Outpatient Centre –COPC, or CDC) to the child and family. They further provide a diagnostic evaluation, consultation, and treatment strategies. Our physicians offer ongoing specialized management and follow-up via an integrated approach with other professional services at COPC or CDC and with community partners.