In recent years more and more people are moving to the first world countries in search for a better life. Canada is no exception of this rule. But they have made some stern rules for the immigrants before they are granted entry in the soil of Canada. Canada immigration medical exam is just such a rule you have to comply before you plan to immigrate in country.

canada immigration medical

Who Plans To Immigrate to Canada?

People from every walk of life plans to move to Canada these days. From business man to students and from military personnel to performing artists everybody wants a working visa to be in Canada. If you have not done the medical test that is required from you, the visa application may not get accepted. It can even get rejected if you have not taken the test in time.

Therefore, get started with the medical examination whether you are an inflight person who is going to be in Canada for only a few days or a foreign government official who is to stay there for a couple of year, take the Canada immigration medical exam for the sake of the good health of the Canadian citizens.

Guide Lines for the Test

Generally the visa applicant needs to wait for information that are usually conveyed by the visa officials. The officials generally give a 30 days’ time period to the visa applicants to complete the medical examination for immigration. Once the tests are complete the applicants need to submit the test results to the visa office for further evaluation. Depending on the test results of the applicant, the immigration officials will decide whether to let someone in their country.

Details of the Medical Examinationimmigration medical

Only a doctor who has been approved by the Canada government can be able to do the medical examination. This doctor is known as a panel physician. The list of the approved names and contacts of the panel physicians are generally provided on the website. Any applicant can visit the site of Canada government to find the contact number and name of the doctor who closest to their place. Applicants cannot use the expertise of their family doctor, if his name is not enlisted to the government.

Any applicant can choose any panel physician from the list, even if they do not belong to the same country. The medical examination must be paid by you. The applicant should be aware that the cost of the medical exams can vary from one doctor to another. The visa applicant must ask the medical examiner what should be brought for the Canada immigration medical exam at the time of making the appointment.

Tips to Follow

Before going for any medical examination, you must ask the physician whether there is any need for you to fast. For example, one should not drink for 72 hours before going for any kind of medical test.

When going for Canada immigration medical exam one should carry identification proof that can clearly identify the person. It is better to bring medical history of vaccinations or any other medical record at the time of the appointment.